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Kristallklar - A Fly Fishing Film (Official Trailer)

Kristallklar - A Fly Fishing Film (Official Trailer)

Full film now online: Kristallklar is a fly fishing short film telling the tale of a hidden river holding wild brown trout near Western Germany from the perspective of Kirill, who recently acquired the lease to the fishing rights of the river and a small tributary thereof. It follows a fly fishing adventure on the river of 3 people and delves into topics of conservation of nature and the plans to restock the river with native crayfish which vanished due to reasons unknown. The aim of the film is to highlight the beauty of nature, the love of fly fishing and create and almost dream like aesthetic that allows one to feel as though you are present on the water and feel what is is like to be there. Produced in 2021. Premiered at the Rise Fly Fishing Film Festival 2022 with screenings in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France in March. Find out more about the film here: Filmed and edited by myself, Simon Kay. I am a South African living in Germany with a passion for fly fishing and film making. A lot of love went into this film and I hope it inspires those around the world to find a love for the outdoors and to preserve it for many years to come. You can reach me for any projects in mind at: My personal instagram: Business instagram: Fish the river with Nic or Kirill: Kirill IG: Nic IG:
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